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Public Speaking Private Coaching

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Online Public Speaking Coaching for Individuals

Course Details

Duration & Options:
Customised to your specific needs

Pricing & Payment

From $495.00 (GST inclusive)
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Further Information

Laminated and individually signed certificate on completion

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May 2024 dates available

Who Should Do This course?

Our customised online public speaking coaching is designed for individuals who need to enhance their public speaking skills.

Ideal for all business and personal presentation requirements.

No advance preparation is necessary.

Topics Covered


Dealing with nervousness, before and during your presentation


The keys to structuring your presentation to engage even the most difficult of audiences


Getting Started – Learn how to win your audience from the outset


Discover how your personal mindsets regarding your presentation have more to do with your success than you realise


Learn where to look whilst presenting and how to ensure your entire audience feels you are just speaking to them


Difficult questions and how to answer them in a variety of circumstances


Developing your personal brand and how to promote yourself every time your speak


Vital points that every audience expect you cover


Professional speakers all have tricks they use when speaking, you will learn many of them


How to read body language, not just in your audience but also learn to read your colleagues & friends


Audio visual equipment and its place when you are presenting


Learn how to persuade your audience to see your view when you are speaking


Have greater confidence for any business situation or special ocassion

What Will I Learn?

Public Speaking Australia have been conducting our very popular courses since 1999 and are specifically designed to provide the best balance of theory and the practical skills for a variety of presentations.

Whether you are speaking to a small internal groups of colleagues, answering to stakeholders or speaking at a major conference this fun workshop will equip your team with the skills needed.

The coaching you will receive is tailored toward to suit your personalities. You will learn how to improve your confidence when making a variety of presentations.

The perennial favourite topics of presenters including, nerves, how to start and structure your presentation are all covered. Another popular topic deals with how not to go blank during your presentation and how to answer difficult questions.

Do you have any Questions?

If you have any questions about Public Speaking Australia courses, feel free to call your nearest Public Speaking Australia office or complete the enquiry form.


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