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What our clients say…

The course provided many insights into the psychological side of public speaking nervousness as well as practical tips for how to improve confidence and reduce the signs of nervousness. It was also relaxed and fun despite the challenge of practical exercises.

Charlotte Parliament Victoria


Public Speaking Australia

Since its inception in 1999 Public Speaking Australia has developed an enviable reputation as one of Australia’s most respected providers of professional training services for Business Presentations, Speeches & Media skills.

Confidence and nerve control are paramount to any successful presentation irrespective of the venue, group size and experience of the presenter. Our proven techniques will show you how to engage with your audience that may be only several people or perhaps as large as several thousand. We assist with both training for internal and external groups.

We assist our clients with the preparation & delivery inspirational and highly relevant presentations that reflect not only their desired theme or message but encompass the personality of the person making the presentation.

The corporate, small business and government sector make up the majority of our clients not only in Australia but also throughout New Zealand. Conference presentations and breakout sessions are conducted for clients internationally.

How can we help you?


Speak with confidence and authority

Learn the nerve control techniques used by professional speakers
Suitable for both internal and external presentations
Engage your audience from the start and hold their attention
Learn how to control audiences both large and small
Answer difficult question with ease
Tailor training for specific requirements & concerns
Training available as Corporate Groups, Public Workshops, conference presentations & Private coaching
Understand what your audience really expects from you
Developing your personal brand
How to use layering techniques to balance any presentation

Time your presentation to perfection


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