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About Public Speaking Australia

Public Speaking Australia assists Corporate Groups, Government Personnel, Executives and Management to achieve their optimum result when presenting in a variety of diversified modalities.

For some clients it may be presenting to internal teams on a weekly basis and they are looking for ways to keep their team both engaged and motivated. For others the stage could be larger perhaps a major presentation to key stakeholders either here or overseas that is likely to involve either funding or approval from a third party upon which the companies future growth and expansion is linked.

Other clients include company directors addressing a challenging AGM or a senior executive pitching for a more senior position. The extent of our training also has us coaching team leaders on the factory floor how instil workplace health and safety messages in often dangerous environments.

Employees seeking advancement today must be able demonstrate leadership and confidence and importantly their ability to direct, guide and inspire is the hallmark of tomorrows leaders.

Public speaking & presenting isn’t just about speaking. Polished presenters demonstrate an amalgam of skills and these are rarely natural attributes but are easily taught with professional direction.

Interestingly the act of speaking to small and large groups isn’t the predominate issue that we as professional trainers need to address with most of our clients. Your mindsets relating to the process of speaking, how you see yourself, how you want to be seen and issues arising during previous presentations outweigh any other factor. With the right direction we can teach individuals, teams and conference groups how to view speaking from another perspective and teach you how to enjoy the process and relax!

Public Speaking Australia are renowned for their fun and interactive courses there are a number of flexible training options available.

If you have particular concerns regarding they type of training that best suits your firm’s requirements or your personal needs please call your nearest Public Speaking Australia office.

About Public Speaking Australia


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