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Audio CD – Public Speaking & Business Presentation Skills Made Easy

Public Speaking & Business Presentation Skills Made Easy Audio CD

Audio CD

Title: Public Speaking & Business Presentation skills Made Easy by Greg Stockwell


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About the Audio CD

Another very popular way to learn public speaking is to purchase our popular audio CD “Public Speaking & Business Presentation Skills Made Easy

This easy to follow CD runs for approximately one hour and will guide through the essential steps to making a presentation and is equally suitable for your business and social needs.

Public Speaking & Business Presentation Skills made Easy will teach you the important keys to making presentations to both small and large groups. Learn and gain a better insight into your nerves and the main concern most speakers have; the fear of rejection. Greg also covers such important skills as eye contact and how to capture your entire audience regardless of the occasion.

This easy to follow CD will also provide the vital ingredients to structuring your presentation in order for your audience to follow you in a logical sequence.

A variety of other favourite topics are also covered including how to deal with difficult questions in a professional way.

Public Speaking & Business Presentation Skills made Easy is ideal for time poor people who haven’t spoken publicly for a while and also for experienced presenters who need sharpen their skills after a not speaking for a while or who may have had a bad experience whilst making a presentation.

Audio CD Features

  • Popular Audio CD of approximately 1 hours duration
  • A fantastic introduction to making a polished presentation
  • Tips suitable for dealing with large and small audiences
  • Learn insights into understanding & dealing with your nerves when speaking
  • Structure your presentation in a logical sequence
  • The importance of eye contact and how and where to look during your presentation
  • Learn how to deal with difficult questions
  • Learn more tips as used by professional presenters
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard & Amex
  • Only $29.95 including postage within Australia

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